Tai Shani Awarded Turner Prize 2019

Wicked Coatings customer Tai Shani has been awarded the Turner Prize 2019

Tai loves the work that Wicked does for her art and said: “I have been working with Wicked Coatings for several years, they are quick, friendly and provide a meticulous and considered service. They really care about what they do and it shows!”

Tai Shani, Turner Prize 2019, courtesy Turner Contemporary and the artist. Photograph by David Levene 25/9/19

Chris Hinks at Wicked Coatings, commented:

“We want to send a huge congratulations to Tai. Her art is always incredible and she is a pleasure to work with. We are excited to be part of her extended team.”

Tai Shani Awarded Turner Prize 2019

Taking more than a month to install and commission, Wicked Coatings has invested £80,000 in new ovens, which includes a 7m x 4m spray booth and state-of-the-art floor extraction, in its facilities in Poole, Dorset.

“We strive to offer customers the highest quality work output. With this high-end technology, we can do exactly that as well as operate efficiently, reducing our carbon footprint,” said Lynsay Eskdale, General Manager.

“We wish to thank all our customers for their patience whilst they have been installed, but hope you agree they look amazing and will support our delivery of outstanding work.”

Operations Heat up with £80,000 Oven Investment

Many electrical appliance manufacturers depend upon the industrial coatings provided by Wicked Coatings to create not only the decorative finish for their product but also to maintain its performance and reliability.

We have provided electronic manufacturing coatings for an extensive range of electrical goods, from domestic appliances, such as kettles and toasters, to games consoles, medical devices, mobile phone casings and much more.

Electronic manufacturing coatings

Through years of experience and working closely with our customer, we understand that manufacturers require a professional and long lasting electrical coating that will:

  • Look attractive in a competitive market
  • Repel moisture & many liquids
  • Improve manufacturing efficiency
  • Provide excellent adhesion
  • Protect against rust, staining and chemicals
  • Withstand humidity
  • Meet health & safety standards

Our professional water transfer printing service will provide customers with a huge range of eye catching finishes to enhance product appearance in today’s increasingly competitive market place.

Using the highest quality of protective paints, Wicked Coatings will apply industrial coatings that conform to the most stringent of standards. This ensures that your product not only complies with health and safety regulations but is capable of  withstanding any contamination that could negatively affect performance and reliability.

In a 19,000 square foot facility, with five large low bake spray booths and a dedicated quality control team, we are perfectly placed for high volume electronic manufacturing production and can cater for larger items up to 8m x 3m in size.

Optimal functionality is your priority and Wicked Coatings has worked with a broad range of electrical applications to achieve unrivalled product performance, reliability and appearance.

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Today’s modern military units – be they land, sea or air based, require specialist expertise when it comes to the pre-treatment and painting of vehicles, engineer equipment and components.

Military Standards for Coatings

Using a combination of water transfer printing and custom spray painting techniques, the protective coatings service from Wicked Coatings has been designed to provide camouflage and total protection from the extreme conditions that are faced by the military and their equipment.

Under Ministry of Defence guidelines we will work to the Mil-Spec and Def Stan standards required for treatment of components prior to painting as well as both internal and external paint systems. Following rigorous testing, official certification of conformity to military standards will be forwarded to the customer.

Our expert team of spray painters will provide both interior and exterior protection for military components through the professional application of:

  • Chemical agent resistant coatings
  • Camouflage coatings
  • Infrared reflective (IRR) coatings
  • Anti-radar coatings
  • Tactile coatings

From military aircraft to ground equipment, we can provide the expertise and professionalism that is required to protect, preserve and camouflage military equipment in the hostile conditions that will ensue, from extreme cold to tropical and desert environments.

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Wicked Coatings is uniquely positioned within the marine coatings industry to provide both decorative interior solutions and superior protection for vessel components, whatever the environment and regardless of conditions.

Using a combination of water transfer printing and custom wet spray painting techniques, we have worked extensively in this sector to provide customers with a wide variety of both interior and exterior coating solutions.

Marine Coatings Interiors

Our vast range of decorative finishes is ideal for the creation of  sleek, sophisticated and modern boat or yacht interiors. We can transform ordinary plastic or fibre glass substrates into visually spectacular pieces using a variety of patterns including wood, marble, brushed aluminium or even animal print.

This type of customisation will offer not only significant weight savings for a vessel, but also a durable and long lasting design concept that has guaranteed appeal.

From pleasure boats to luxury yachts, we have experience in coating a wide range of components to produce exceptional:

  • Seating areas
  • Cabin interiors
  • Dining areas
  • Galley spaces
  • Bedroom concepts

Marine Protection

Harsh exposure to the elements can wreak havoc with both the appearance and service life of a vessel meaning that a decorative finish alone must often be complimented by a protective coating solution.

The expert team of wet paint sprayers at Wicked Coatings will work closely with our customer to provide long lasting protection for both interior and exterior components including:

  • Decking areas
  • Ballast tanks
  • Hull exteriors
  • Water tanks 

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Synonymous with quality, endurance and high performance, Wicked Coatings’ service has been developed to serve the diverse needs of the aerospace industry worldwide. We offer unbeatable lead times. Your project is in safe hands, be it an aircraft interior refit, military requirement or commercial endeavour.

From commercial aircraft to private jets, our aerospace coatings solutions will meet even the most demanding of market requirements. Wicked Coatings has built an enviable reputation in the private, commercial and military sectors of the industry. This is based on quality of application, efficiency of service and, most importantly, rigorous in-house testing procedures to ensure that our process will conform to the airworthiness standards required by regulatory authorities. Our experts can be reached on 01202 622258 and will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and project timescales.


We are frequently subcontracted by part -145 approved maintenance organisations to provide specialist aerospace coatings services. Audited as part of the standard sub contract control procedure, we evaluate the nature of each job and if necessary, acquire full modification certification for the customer at quotation stage should certain changes be required.

Aircrafts that we frequently work on include, but is not limited to:

  • Bombardier CL-600-2A12 – 2B16 (Variant CL 601/601 – 3/3r)
  • Bombardier CL-600-2B16 (Variant CL604)
  • Dornier 328-100
  • Dornier 328-300
  • Hawker Beechcraft BAe 125 (Series 700/800/750/800XP/850XP/900XP/1000)

All coatings for aircraft interior parts are subject to burns and smoke testing to ensure that they conform to EASA regulations. Following rigorous testing, we will supply all certificates of conformity for our coatings to ensure that full traceability is maintained for each project.

We can design a specification to meet our client’s requirements or will paint to the exact specification as set by our customer’s brief, with the certification of the process depending on each specific application to ensure full traceability.

Commercial Aviation Water Transfer & Paint Coatings

Constantly challenging the traditional boundaries of design, our highly acclaimed water transfer printing service has been utilised by market leading manufacturers to bring initial concept to life. Through the use of sophisticated finishes ranging from granite and marble, to wood or carbon fibre, our expert water transfer printing team can help to transform any aircraft interior from the ordinary to something quite spectacular.

  • Lounge areas
  • Bar units
  • Seat surrounds & consoles
  • Bulk heads
  • Overhead storage
  • Tray units

With imminent AS9100 certification, Wicked Coatings will be delighted to provide world-class custom painting solutions for the commercial sector with a range of colour schemes that have never before been available on the market.

Aircraft Refurbishment & Repair

Wicked Coatings specialises in the refurbishment and repair of commercial, corporate and private jets, and helicopters. We are able to design a unique and fully customised look for your aircraft, that meets the required aviation regulations.

Wicked Coatings is challenging the long-lead times and problems when updating aircrafts – we offer an alternative service with high-quality finish and customer service.

Private Aviation Water Transfer & Paint Coatings

From personal aircraft to business jets – we are able to deliver outstanding customisation in the private sector with both water transfer printing and custom painting. Our team of coating experts will apply the correct coating solution to provide both visual brilliance and superior protection, whatever the standard required.

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We are delighted to work with designers, architects, carpenters and manufacturers to produce a wide range of interior coating solutions. From hydro dipping wood or stone effects, to achieving the ultimate high gloss finish, Wicked Coatings is the UK leader in industrial coatings.

In an industry where demonstrating flair is paramount to success, the wide range of design options that our custom painting and water transfer printing service can offer has become essential to many customers in order to make their best – better.

Our experience in this sector has spanned a multitude of projects including:

  • Luxury fit outs
  • Domestic interiors
  • Commercial offices
  • Restaurants & nightclubs
  • Sanitation equipment

Hydro dipping wood to high gloss effects

Where deadlines are tight, and expectations high – we are proud to provide customers with an incredible coating solution that will quickly transform virtually any substrate into something extraordinary.  Clients can expect infinite customisation possibilities including hydro dipping wood and stone effects, high gloss paintwork and even a choice of spectacular metal finishes.

From smokey bronze to  iron, copper or brass – design possibilities are endless. We will make it possible to experiment with a variety of different textures and combine metal coating effects to produce something truly unique such as a rose or weathered aluminium finish.

Our professional custom painting team is extremely experienced in the interior design sector having undertaken a number of high profile projects.

We have the expertise to connect with our customers vision and take it from concept through to completion.  Using the correct techniques to achieve the desired result, be it water transfer printing or custom painting – we are proud to be positioned as the perfect partner when it comes to bringing initial vision to life.

We also offer a professional blasting service that will allow designers to restore key pieces to their former glory.

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Interior Design

Our professional coatings service provides a versatile solution for medical manufacturing companies. Using a combination of water transfer printing and custom painting techniques we can offer decorative, protective, and anti bacterial coatings solutions for a wide range of medical equipment including:

  • Bedside furniture
  • Tables & cabinets
  • Trolleys
  • Cupboards
  • Lockers
  • Storage & Dispensers
  • Electrical equipment

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From ophthalmology devices such as eye scanners to disabled assistance goods, our coatings team will work closely with the customer to develop the correct specifications – offering expert advice at every stage to reduce cost and improve efficiency. Types of specialist finish include anti bacterial coatings, no slip and RFI shielding coatings and we also offer stoving enamels. If required, we have a specialist blasting service and can paint a huge range of standard and custom colours using products that have been tried and tested in the medical market.

Medical interior coatings

Interior spaces can be revived and enriched with our custom painting service. From neutral tones to vibrant and eye catching colours, our team of professional wet sprayers will work to a specific brief to transform:

  • Hospital wards
  • Bathrooms
  • Receptions
  • Seating areas

With proven success in our field and a history of exceptional customer service, clients can be assured that our medical coating solutions will conform to the correct standards while providing the strength, durability and desired decorative finish needed for their product.

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From sporting equipment to mobile phone cases, our range of recreational coatings will provide the options and flexibility needed to suit almost any decorative and protective coating requirement.

Spanning a huge number of markets and individual product specifications, our experience in the leisure and recreational market is massive. From bike powder coating, to hydro dipping helmets, we can create the ultimate finish.

Services | Hydro dipping to Paint

Our highly acclaimed water transfer printing service offers manufacturers the versatility to enhance the finish of their product, making significant time and cost savings. We offer an enormous range of hydrographics patterns including:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Metal
  • Camouflage
  • Carbon fibre
  • Animal print
  • Custom designs

With an elite team of professional wet spray painters as well as powder coating applications we have produced incredible customisation for an endless range of items including :

  • Helmets
  • Bike frames
  • Gym apparatus
  • Fishing products
  • Climbing equipment
  • Shooting equipment

From a protection perspective, our coating system can provide:

  • All weather protection
  • Superior durability
  • Low maintenance options

Our knowledgeable team will work closely with the customer to develop the correct specification for their product – achieving time and cost savings where possible.

Widely respected for our first-class customer service and professionalism, Wicked Coatings is a specialist in the leisure and recreational coatings market and will ensure that your project is delivered to the highest standard.

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Where durability and high performance come as standard, our professional coatings service is underpinned by years of experience within the automotive sector.  Wicked Coatings is widely respected for an uncompromising commitment to both quality and customer service – ensuring that your project is in the hands of an expert.

Using a combination of water transfer printing and paint spraying techniques we can coat almost any interior or exterior automotive part imaginable as well as engine bay components, to completely transform the look of a vehicle.

  • Centre consoles
  • Dashboards
  • Wing Mirrors
  • Wheels
  • Engine covers
  • Exterior panels

Water Transfer Printing

As one of the UK’s leading water transfer printing applicators, we work with only the highest quality of water transfer printing films to ensure exceptional results.  From carbon fibre effect to wood, metal or animal print designs – the versatility of our hydrographics service will guarantee customers the exact finish that they are seeking to achieve.

Cost effective and incredibly durable – water transfer printing is a fantastic way to create an expensive looking finish at a fraction of traditional costs.

Custom Wet Paint Spraying

Our wet spraying team has worked on a large number of high profile projects ranging from bespoke helmets to the customisation of the official Kawasaki race bikes for the 2014/2015/2016 British Superbike Championships.

We will work closely with our customer to ensure that necessary quality standards and testing requirements are met – offering the peace of mind that comes with proven products and a world-class coatings team.

Protective Automotive Coatings

Modern automotive manufacturers require complete and uncompromising protection from potential hazards that could detract from vehicle efficiency and longevity.

In order to compliment the decorative results of water transfer printing and paint spraying, our team of expert painters will provide a number of automotive coating solutions to provide:

  • UV protection
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Weathering resistance
  • Non-stick surfaces
  • Noise reduction

In an increasingly demanding industry, where consumer expectation is at an all-time high –  our professional range of automotive coating solutions has been designed to combine superior quality with the highest level of workmanship, from substrate preparation to the final polish.

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