Why Choose Wicked Coatings?

The custom coatings industry is a competitive sector – but also one which must be judged against scrupulous standards.

Wicked Coatings in Poole, Dorset is an expert wet paint, powder coating and hydro dipping company. Our coating system has passed the most stringent of testing specifications within many industry sectors including automotive and aviation. With ISO:9001 accreditation and a 2015 Scoot Headline Business award already under our belts, we can confidently promote the outstanding performance of our quality management system and the unrivaled standard of our quality and testing.

Hydro Dipping Company

Our quality and service department is supported by in-house, fully qualified ICorr and Nace paint inspections and complimented by a full suite of advanced quality inspection equipment. When combined with the unrivaled skills of our coating specialists and the exceptional level of customer service that is in fact our most highly recognised asset Рthe result is an unbeatable combination.

So why choose Wicked Coatings?

  • The quality and longevity of the coating
  • The level, expertise and standard of testing
  • A consistently high level of customer service throughout each project
  • Expert research and development consultancy
  • Unbeatable turn around times
  • Capability to provide high volume coating solutions

Our experience in the demanding sector of custom industrial coatings is only surpassed by the passion of our team. We genuinely believe that in order to deliver first class results you must be utterly engrossed in the fine detail of each job – no compromise, no shortcuts and no digression from the path that leads to absolute perfection of the final result.

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