Today’s modern military units – be they land, sea or air based, require specialist expertise when it comes to the pre-treatment and painting of vehicles, engineer equipment and components.

Military Standards for Coatings

Using a combination of water transfer printing and custom spray painting techniques, the protective coatings service from Wicked Coatings has been designed to provide camouflage and total protection from the extreme conditions that are faced by the military and their equipment.

Under Ministry of Defence guidelines we will work to the Mil-Spec and Def Stan standards required for treatment of components prior to painting as well as both internal and external paint systems. Following rigorous testing, official certification of conformity to military standards will be forwarded to the customer.

Our expert team of spray painters will provide both interior and exterior protection for military components through the professional application of:

  • Chemical agent resistant coatings
  • Camouflage coatings
  • Infrared reflective (IRR) coatings
  • Anti-radar coatings
  • Tactile coatings

From military aircraft to ground equipment, we can provide the expertise and professionalism that is required to protect, preserve and camouflage military equipment in the hostile conditions that will ensue, from extreme cold to tropical and desert environments.

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