Detailed Masking & Parts Identification

Wicked Coatings aims to provide a full service and quality coatings for customers. Detailed masking ensures the highest quality finish and part identification offers the ability to give a unique identifier for any part.

Detailed Masking

Our expert masking department can carry out detailed masking to your requirements. Masking is applied prior to blasting, priming, painting or water transfer application and is part of the specialised service provided by Wicked Coatings.

Either working with industry drawings supplied by you, or from instructions supplied by Wicked Coatings on behalf of the client, our dedicated team ensures that detailed masking delivers the highest quality coatings finish.

In addition, stencilling and our graphics can be applied on request.

Parts Identification

Parts identification can be applied to any item. A unique identifier is created and captured in a bar code which is then placed on the item.