Wicked Coatings is uniquely positioned within the marine coatings industry to provide both decorative interior solutions and superior protection for vessel components, whatever the environment and regardless of conditions.

Using a combination of water transfer printing and custom wet spray painting techniques, we have worked extensively in this sector to provide customers with a wide variety of both interior and exterior coating solutions.

Marine Coatings Interiors

Our vast range of decorative finishes is ideal for the creation of  sleek, sophisticated and modern boat or yacht interiors. We can transform ordinary plastic or fibre glass substrates into visually spectacular pieces using a variety of patterns including wood, marble, brushed aluminium or even animal print.

This type of customisation will offer not only significant weight savings for a vessel, but also a durable and long lasting design concept that has guaranteed appeal.

From pleasure boats to luxury yachts, we have experience in coating a wide range of components to produce exceptional:

  • Seating areas
  • Cabin interiors
  • Dining areas
  • Galley spaces
  • Bedroom concepts

Marine Protection

Harsh exposure to the elements can wreak havoc with both the appearance and service life of a vessel meaning that a decorative finish alone must often be complimented by a protective coating solution.

The expert team of wet paint sprayers at Wicked Coatings will work closely with our customer to provide long lasting protection for both interior and exterior components including:

  • Decking areas
  • Ballast tanks
  • Hull exteriors
  • Water tanks 

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