Many electrical appliance manufacturers depend upon the industrial coatings provided by Wicked Coatings to create not only the decorative finish for their product but also to maintain its performance and reliability.

We have provided electronic manufacturing coatings for an extensive range of electrical goods, from domestic appliances, such as kettles and toasters, to games consoles, medical devices, mobile phone casings and much more.

Electronic manufacturing coatings

Through years of experience and working closely with our customer, we understand that manufacturers require a professional and long lasting electrical coating that will:

  • Look attractive in a competitive market
  • Repel moisture & many liquids
  • Improve manufacturing efficiency
  • Provide excellent adhesion
  • Protect against rust, staining and chemicals
  • Withstand humidity
  • Meet health & safety standards

Our professional water transfer printing service will provide customers with a huge range of eye catching finishes to enhance product appearance in today’s increasingly competitive market place.

Using the highest quality of protective paints, Wicked Coatings will apply industrial coatings that conform to the most stringent of standards. This ensures that your product not only complies with health and safety regulations but is capable of  withstanding any contamination that could negatively affect performance and reliability.

In a 19,000 square foot facility, with five large low bake spray booths and a dedicated quality control team, we are perfectly placed for high volume electronic manufacturing production and can cater for larger items up to 8m x 3m in size.

Optimal functionality is your priority and Wicked Coatings has worked with a broad range of electrical applications to achieve unrivalled product performance, reliability and appearance.

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