Interior Design

We are delighted to work with designers, architects, carpenters and manufacturers to produce a wide range of interior coating solutions. From hydro dipping wood or stone effects, to achieving the ultimate high gloss finish, Wicked Coatings is the UK leader in industrial coatings.

In an industry where demonstrating flair is paramount to success, the wide range of design options that our custom painting and water transfer printing service can offer has become essential to many customers in order to make their best – better.

Our experience in this sector has spanned a multitude of projects including:

  • Luxury fit outs
  • Domestic interiors
  • Commercial offices
  • Restaurants & nightclubs
  • Sanitation equipment

Hydro dipping wood to high gloss effects

Where deadlines are tight, and expectations high – we are proud to provide customers with an incredible coating solution that will quickly transform virtually any substrate into something extraordinary.  Clients can expect infinite customisation possibilities including hydro dipping wood and stone effects, high gloss paintwork and even a choice of spectacular metal finishes.

From smokey bronze to  iron, copper or brass – design possibilities are endless. We will make it possible to experiment with a variety of different textures and combine metal coating effects to produce something truly unique such as a rose or weathered aluminium finish.

Our professional custom painting team is extremely experienced in the interior design sector having undertaken a number of high profile projects.

We have the expertise to connect with our customers vision and take it from concept through to completion.  Using the correct techniques to achieve the desired result, be it water transfer printing or custom painting – we are proud to be positioned as the perfect partner when it comes to bringing initial vision to life.

We also offer a professional blasting service that will allow designers to restore key pieces to their former glory.

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