NACE & Icorr Level 3 Inspection

Wicked Coatings offers the highest levels of quality and inspection for protective coatings. As a specialist spraying and coating provider to a variety of industries, Wicked Coatings is committed to producing the best quality protective coating, no matter how harsh the environment.

With in-house expertise, trained to NACE and Icorr level 3 inspection, the standard of knowledge and work delivered by Wicked Coatings is one of the best.

NACE & Icorr Level 3 Inspection

Our NACE and Icorr level 3 certified coating inspector is qualified to represent the USA National Association of Engineers in corrosion protection, through the application of protective coatings on critical projects. With specialist knowledge of harsh environments, such as marine and industrial, we can limit the risk of costly fabric maintenance regimes or corrosion.

Corrosion protection for industry

NACE and Icorr is designed to ensure that protection is achieved in a wide range of industry sectors including but not limited to oil and gas, nuclear, marine, defence, general industrial and automotive.

Wicked Coatings services includes corrosion surveys, coating applications for a wide range of industrial applications, fabric maintenance, and new build. This includes inspection of coatings, fire proofing and insulation systems to line pipe, vessels, columns, tanks, spools, structure etc., on offshore oil and gas platforms, onshore well sites, tank farms and refineries.

Our inspector holds a wealth of qualifications, ensuring that the highest levels of quality and assurance is provided. This includes:

NACE Certified Coating Inspector -Level 3
ICORR Painting Inspector Level 3
ICORR Fire Proofing Inspector
ICORR Pipeline Coating inspector
ICORR Insulation Inspector
CSWIP 3.1 Level 2 Industrial Weld Inspector
SSPC Planning and Specifying Industrial Coatings Projects (C2)


NORSOK Standards

Wicked Coatings is able to ensure projects are delivered to NORSOK standard. Developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry, NORSOK engineering standards ensure adequate safety, value adding and cost effectiveness for petroleum industry developments and operations.

We have extensive experience with NORSOK M-501 Surface Preparation and Protective CoatingandNORSOK R-004 Piping and Equipment Insulation. NORSOK provides a minimum acceptance level for quality.


Coating quality confidence

The quality standards provided by Wicked Coatings, coupled with the highest levels of inspection, enables customers to be confident that the coatings provided by us will stand the test of time and environmental impact.