Quality & Service

Specialist commercial coatings company, Wicked Coatings in Poole, Dorset has built its reputation for excellence on the foundations of exemplary quality. From the methodology of our process to the expertise of our in-house and fully qualified ICorr and NACE paint inspectors.

Our integrated quality management structure has been developed to give clients absolute assurance of a first class service, every time. As well as working to B.S, American and ISO industry standards we also provide contract specific and bespoke quality work procedures, method statement and quality inspection test plans on client request.

The Quality & Service Commercial Coatings Process

As an ISO:9001 accredited company, the effectiveness of our quality management system is underpinned by stringent procedures:

  • Planned audits
  • Management reviews
  • Effective corrective & preventative action
  • Rigorous in-house testing

Our fully qualified ICorr and NACE approved painting inspectors are on site to ensure that all production jobs are checked, tested and carried out to the highest of industry standards.

All coatings which are carried out to a client’s own specifications are independently tested by qualified personnel (B.GAS ERS, ICorr Tech, NACE approvals) who provide consultancy, advisory, inspection and investigation works as required. All testing is recorded on individual coating certifications and issued to the client on completion of works as requested.


We are frequently sub contracted by part -145 approved maintenance organisations to provide specialist coating services. Having been audited as part of the standard sub contract control procedure, we will evaluate the nature of each job and if necessary, acquire full modification certification for the customer at quotation stage should certain changes be required.

All coatings for aircraft interior parts are subject to burns and smoke testing to ensure that they conform to EASA.CS/FAR – 25.853 (a) App. F, Part1 (A) 1 (i) 60. Following rigorous testing, we will supply all certificates of conformity for our coatings to ensure that full traceability is maintained for each project.

Our Quality Inspection Equipment

The inspection equipment that we use is of the highest standard and routinely maintained to ensure optimal performance.

Other features of our quality and service process include:

Use of industry standard job-cards for in-house works (samples available)

Job-Cards are made up to client requirements and specifications, showing all relative instruction including client name, PO Number, Wicked Coatings job-card number and arrival and departure dates. We assign a unique number which travels with the job-card and ultimately ties up with our coating certificates.

Strict in-house control of all materials

All materials are controlled by a dedicated store-person, who ensures that all paint materials have their batch numbers electronically logged and held by stores. All materials are booked out against each job and recorded on Job-Cards. Any suspect paint materials are quarantined in a designated area for removal or return to suppliers. All materials are stored in a separated designed temperature controlled store room which is well removed from on-going operations.

Certified plant and equipment

Our working plant and equipment are certified to industry standards and always fully maintained. All inspection and test equipment is either self-calibrating, or has a current calibration certificate.

A highly qualified in-house team

The team at Wicked Coatings in Poole, Dorset is exceptionally skilled and includes:

An experienced management team
2 in-house fully qualified ICorr painting inspectors
Specialist painters and detailers
Forklift drivers holding current industry standard certificates

A commitment to Health & Safety standards

All works carried out are risk assessed from health and safety awareness and records are held and distributed to the work force. Regular tool box talks are held with the work force, where further discussions are held and recorded.

At Wicked Coatings, we work to a very high industry standard of workmanship and are proud of the quality and efficiency of our process.

From the beautiful finishes provided by water transfer printing to the superior protection offered by protective paint applications – we are proud to be known for the quality of our commercial coatings work and the unfaltering dedication of our team to exceptional results.