Coatings for the Film & Television Industry

We provide a professional coatings service for the film and TV production industry with the rare capability to paint items which are up to 15 metres in length.

Using coatings techniques, such as water transfer printing and custom spray painting, our experienced coatings technicians can create aesthetically beautiful finishes for all manner of items that are key to your production such as:

  • Automotive interior trim
  • Action vehicle exterior components
  • Film & TV props
  • Rifles & Guns
  • Helmets
  • Set decorations

Our turnaround times are exceptionally fast so call us today on 01202 622258 to discuss your requirements.  With ISO:9001 accreditation and a specialist team of coatings technicians, your coatings project will be in expert hands.

Film & TV Production Services

Water transfer printing is an excellent way to add a realistic finish to virtually any substrate, including wood, polystyrene and plastics. Typical finishes can include carbon fibre, stone, wood grain, metals or camouflage with custom patterns and colours available for bespoke finishes. In the world of film and TV production, hydro dipping is a great way to reproduce believable and inexpensive finishes for items while making significant weight savings on set.

We work closely with each client – be it an action vehicle supplier, prop designer or art director, to create innovative and bespoke coatings solutions that stand the test of time. After all, as well as looking good – film, set and exhibition props need to be durable. We work with only the highest quality of coatings product – be it water transfer printing film or paint, to ensure that durability is of the highest priority.

Because of this, clients can be assured that all pieces that we coat – from action props to automotive components – will withstand rigorous and repetitive handling on set or location. With a huge range of colours, finishes and textures – our suite of coatings options can be tailored to the exact requirement of the client.

In an industry such as film and TV production that demands speed, our turnaround times are second to none. Call us on 01202 622258 to register your project today and discuss deadlines.