Industrial coating solutions for Industry

Fast emerging as the UK’s leading provider of industrial coatings, Poole based Wicked Coatings provides high quality protective and decorative coatings for an almost limitless range of items – from industrial machinery to consumer goods.

Our Market Sectors:

Our specialist services encompass the whole process of industrial coatings from beginning to end. From critical advice at early prototype stage to fast and efficient mass production, the range of turnkey services includes:

A huge range of manufacturing, construction and fabrication companies rely on specialist surface finishing professionals to protect and enhance their product.

This is a demanding industry that is governed by quality standards and approvals.  As such, it is imperative that you select a professional and experienced industrial coatings provider, not only to ensure a high quality finish but to benefit from crucial advice that can help you save both time and money in the manufacturing process.

With imminent ISO:9001 accreditation, two in-house and fully qualified LCorr paint inspectors and exemplary quality management systems, clients can have complete confidence in the industrial coatings solutions that we offer.

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