Shot Blasting in Poole, Dorset

Very simply, abrasive blasting is the process of forcibly propelling material against the surface of a component or area – to clean, roughen or smooth it.

It can get far more complicated than this though, as different results require different media. The media being the type of material that is used to “blast” the surface, be it sand, grit, glass, garnet or even crushed shells!

A skilled blasting service provider will spend time with the client to discuss the optimum blast media for the project. For instance, when blasting stainless steel, it is essential that glass bead rather than grit or steel is used as the blast media. This is to ensure that no fragments of the media are left behind which could potentially be exposed to moisture and then facilitate the very costly process of rust.

There seems to be a misconception in the industry that stainless steel doesnt rust – but rest assured, if your blasting provider doesn’t use the correct media then this will be the consequence…

So let’s look at one of the main types of blasting that we do here at Wicked Coatings in Dorset – shot blasting.

Shot Blasting for Metal

For industries that deal with metal – shot blasting will be the method of choice when it comes to surface preparation. Think – aerospace, military, food and construction industries.

As opposed to shot peening (a method used to enhance strength), shot blasting is predominantly used to clean and prepare the surface of the metal before it undergoes further work. Shot blasting can be used to effectively de-scale a surface prior to the application of a protective or decorative industrial coating. It can remove:

  • Debris
  • Oil
  • Grime
  • Rust
  • Old paint
  • Many other contaminants

There are two technologies that are used for shot blasting – wheel blasting and air blasting.

Here at Wicked Coatings, we use air blasting. This means that compressed air is used to propel the selected media or “shot” through a nozzle and onto the component/area that we are blasting. The media used for shot blasting can be any kind of dry abrasive material, but most commonly we use steel and grit. Good news for the environment too, as this type of product is 100% recyclable and far better from a health and safety point of view when compared to sand, as it doesn’t contain silicon.

Give us a call today on 01202 622258 if you would like to discuss a blasting project in more detail. Our skilled team and excellent blasting facility is based in Poole, Dorset and we are very quick to respond to online enquiries.