High end degreasing tank is latest addition to metal division facilities

Continued investment in facilities will always be a priority at Wicked Coatings.

Like many industrial organisations, the success of our business depends not only on the expertise of our team but also the machinery that we use to achieve our goals.

The latest addition to our modern suite of facilities is a Turbex degreasing tank which has recently been fitted in our metal division. This hugely functional machine will be well at home in its new heavy duty environment and is already rising to the challenge..

Performing a critical role in the preparation stage of the industrial coatings process, this machine will deliver exceptional cleaning results and ultimately enhance the end result of each industrial coatings project. Capable of accepting loads of up to 2,000Kg, the addition of this degreasing tank to our metal division will further cement Wicked Coatings as a leading provider of industrial coatings in the UK.

On 19th January we will be opening a brand new building to cater for the escalating demand for our  wood and composites division.  Discover more about this exciting new facility in next month’s newsletter!

With imminent ISO:9001 accreditation and an enviable management structure in place, clients can be assured that their project will be in the hands of an expert.

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