Are you ready to be the absolute best you can be? It’s Tough Guy

Extreme Fear
Crippling exhaustion.

Driving yourself to the limits physically – and mentally.

Forget about Tough Mudder, forget about the Hell runner, forget about Brutal 10. If you want to compete at the top of your game – if you want to strike the fear of god into your exhausted soul – then it’s Tough Guy that will put the hair on your nuts. It’s the original. And it’s still the best. And guess what – Wicked Coating is going full throttle at it on 1st February in Wolverhampton.  Because that’s how we roll!

With a work hard, play hard mentality – our solid team of six is ready to take on a smorgasbord of crazy challenges including over 200 obstacles designed to induce extreme fear and panic.

25 years on from its conception, this is still the toughest test of its kind anywhere in the World today. With a full accident and emergency unit on site, 4 ambulances, 8 defibrillators and an onsite doctor, be under no illusion – this is serious stuff with the potential for a lot to go wrong.

So the question is – will our 6 man strong team from Wicked Coatings be ready for the challenges that lie ahead…

Word has it that the chaps have been slowly building up their strength and endurance over the past few months. There has been some impressive abstinence from the traditional guilty pleasures of the festive period meaning that all six have emerged leaner, meaner and more determined than ever to compete.

Logging all exercise on a training APP called Run Keeper, the team is now in final preparations for the event as the 1st February draws ever closer. Early morning 10kms on the beach are being followed by massive protein intake and even a spot of meditation as mental preparation appears to be key!

Please join us in wishing the team all the best in this incredible event – we are very proud of you all.

The Wicked Coatings “Tough Guy” team, being led by the mighty Lyle Meikle, consists of:

Lyle Meikle
Stuart Braley
Chris Hinks
Ricky King
Tom Hicks
Steve Beale