Custom Spray Painting Commission For Norton Dominator

The Norton Dominator was originally developed by the Norton Motorcycle Company back in 1947 to go head to head with the Triump Speed Twin. Since then it has undergone years of production, gained a loyal following and created a lot of love for the classically British Norton brand.

We have recently customised a brand new Norton Dominator Miruss 55 Special for a company who place a lot of custom spray painting commissions with us. They came up with a design based on a 1970’s flat tracker (Ron Woods) and were keen for us to recreate this on the new Dominator.

Following a period of consultation we came up with a final design having slightly tweaked the orginal concept with input from the customer.  Feast your eyes on what was produced below!

Our wet spray painting turnaround times are the fastest in the industry and our ISO:9001 team is renowned for producing high quality finishes to strict deadlines.  Call us today on 01202 622258 to discuss your commercial requirements or get in touch here.


Custom Spray Painting Commission For Norton Dominator

We undertake blasting projects for a wide variety of customers, using a number of different techniques including grit, shot and bead blasting.

Whereas abrasive blasting (with grit or shot) is a rather aggressive process using a sharp angular blast medium – glass bead blasting is much more gentle and ideal for those wishing to achieve a uniform finish. With the fastest turnaround times in the market, our ISO:9001 team will be delighted to discuss your bead blasting requirements, so register your project today by calling us on 01202 622258 or make an online enquiry.

Professional bead blasting will:

  • Produce a satin or matte uniform finish
  • Make no dimensional change to the component
  • Create a smooth and bright finish
  • Offer excellent resistance to corrosion

The reason why bead blasting produces such superior corrosion resistance is because it effectively removes surface contaminants such as paint or rust without damaging the substrate. Because no residue is left behind by the glass bead medium (as can be the case with abrasive blasting), metal components can actually be strengthened by the process.

Our state of the art facility in Poole is used for both small and large scale blasting projects and our ISO:9001 team has extensive experience with all manner of bespoke requirements. With a specialist bead blasting cabinet, our skillful blasting professionals can offer precision blasting for smaller delicate parts.

To discuss your industrial blasting requirement with our professional team of experts in Poole, please call us today on 01202 622258 or contact us now for a prompt response.

Bead Blasting In Poole, Dorset – Call Today on 01202 622258


kadenna cox in wheelchair with wheels custom painted by Wicked CoatingsApproximately 4,350 athletes from 160 countries competed at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio.

Of these, one British star shone brightly in the form of the Kadeena Cox – a magnificent parasport athlete who brought glory to herself and her country with a gold, silver and bronze in various disciplines. Pretty inspiring stuff.

On the Tuesday before the closing ceremony of the games, we were approached by Carbon Black – a manufacturer of bespoke mobility equipment. Carbon Black is a company that has pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved with bespoke wheelchair design. custom painting by wicked coatings
With a mantra of “Forget the conventional, ignore the standard and together we will change perceptions,” these guys are at the top of their game. What they needed from us was a first class custom finish for a pair of wheels.

The catch? We would have less than one week to produce it.

The required design was an eye catching reinvention of the union jack in blue, white and gold. Most importantly, these wheels were for a chair that was to be presented to Kadeena Cox on her triumphant return from the Paralympics.

The challenge was not only to closely re-create the union jack design that Carbon Black had given us but to produce a flawless finish in less than one week! With expectations high and an incredibly short turnaround to hit – the incredible team at Wicked HQ pulled out all the stops to make it happen. The result was outstanding and as you can see – an almost identical recreation of the colour scheme that Carbon Black had mocked up for us in the previous few days.

This is why the ISO:9001 accredited team at Wicked Coatings has an increasingly strong reputation for delivering fast results when it matters. Our turnaround times are the best in the industry and when coupled with an unyielding commitment to quality – your commercial coatings project is in safe hands. Call us today on 01202 622258 to register your project and discuss your requirements.







An Inspiring Partnership with Carbon Black

We provide a professional coatings service for the film and TV production industry with the rare capability to paint items which are up to 15 metres in length.

Using coatings techniques, such as water transfer printing and custom spray painting, our experienced coatings technicians can create aesthetically beautiful finishes for all manner of items that are key to your production such as:

  • Automotive interior trim
  • Action vehicle exterior components
  • Film & TV props
  • Rifles & Guns
  • Helmets
  • Set decorations

Our turnaround times are exceptionally fast so call us today on 01202 622258 to discuss your requirements.  With ISO:9001 accreditation and a specialist team of coatings technicians, your coatings project will be in expert hands.

Film & TV Production Services

Water transfer printing is an excellent way to add a realistic finish to virtually any substrate, including wood, polystyrene and plastics. Typical finishes can include carbon fibre, stone, wood grain, metals or camouflage with custom patterns and colours available for bespoke finishes. In the world of film and TV production, hydro dipping is a great way to reproduce believable and inexpensive finishes for items while making significant weight savings on set.

We work closely with each client – be it an action vehicle supplier, prop designer or art director, to create innovative and bespoke coatings solutions that stand the test of time. After all, as well as looking good – film, set and exhibition props need to be durable. We work with only the highest quality of coatings product – be it water transfer printing film or paint, to ensure that durability is of the highest priority.

Because of this, clients can be assured that all pieces that we coat – from action props to automotive components – will withstand rigorous and repetitive handling on set or location. With a huge range of colours, finishes and textures – our suite of coatings options can be tailored to the exact requirement of the client.

In an industry such as film and TV production that demands speed, our turnaround times are second to none. Call us on 01202 622258 to register your project today and discuss deadlines.

Coatings for the Film & Television Industry

Very simply, abrasive blasting is the process of forcibly propelling material against the surface of a component or area – to clean, roughen or smooth it.

It can get far more complicated than this though, as different results require different media. The media being the type of material that is used to “blast” the surface, be it sand, grit, glass, garnet or even crushed shells!

A skilled blasting service provider will spend time with the client to discuss the optimum blast media for the project. For instance, when blasting stainless steel, it is essential that glass bead rather than grit or steel is used as the blast media. This is to ensure that no fragments of the media are left behind which could potentially be exposed to moisture and then facilitate the very costly process of rust.

There seems to be a misconception in the industry that stainless steel doesnt rust – but rest assured, if your blasting provider doesn’t use the correct media then this will be the consequence…

So let’s look at one of the main types of blasting that we do here at Wicked Coatings in Dorset – shot blasting.

Shot Blasting for Metal

For industries that deal with metal – shot blasting will be the method of choice when it comes to surface preparation. Think – aerospace, military, food and construction industries.

As opposed to shot peening (a method used to enhance strength), shot blasting is predominantly used to clean and prepare the surface of the metal before it undergoes further work. Shot blasting can be used to effectively de-scale a surface prior to the application of a protective or decorative industrial coating. It can remove:

  • Debris
  • Oil
  • Grime
  • Rust
  • Old paint
  • Many other contaminants

There are two technologies that are used for shot blasting – wheel blasting and air blasting.

Here at Wicked Coatings, we use air blasting. This means that compressed air is used to propel the selected media or “shot” through a nozzle and onto the component/area that we are blasting. The media used for shot blasting can be any kind of dry abrasive material, but most commonly we use steel and grit. Good news for the environment too, as this type of product is 100% recyclable and far better from a health and safety point of view when compared to sand, as it doesn’t contain silicon.

Give us a call today on 01202 622258 if you would like to discuss a blasting project in more detail. Our skilled team and excellent blasting facility is based in Poole, Dorset and we are very quick to respond to online enquiries.







Shot Blasting in Poole, Dorset

When components are required to operate in hazardous environmental conditions it is essential that a specialist coatings provider is consulted.

A lot of our work is focused around the oil, gas and nuclear industry and we are frequently brought in to advise on coatings for components such as valves and actuators. As an ISO:9001 accredited company with on-site and fully qualifed NACE and ICorr inspectors, Wicked Coatings is extremely well placed to provide complete peace of mind for our clients and to ensure that all industry standards are met.

We provide a first class blasting service with a number of large specialist blasting areas – from a bead blasting facility for stainless steel to an industrial grit blasting bay. Following optimum preparation, a vast range of both specialist and non specialist coatings can be applied using expert wet spray painting techniques.

In accordance with our quality management system to ISO:9001, our work is becoming very well known in the sector of valve and actuator coatings as we provide exceptional on-site quality inpection.  We have experience in working to potentially explosive atmospheres directive 94/9/EC  as well as a wide range of BS, American an ISO standards.

Our onsite ICorr and NACE inspectors are here to operate in a number of capacities from consultation through to inspection and investigation. Testing is recorded on individual coating certifications and issued to the client following completion of the project.

If you are in need of advice regarding valve or actuator coatings then please call us today on 01202 622258 or contact us online.





Innovation in Valve Coatings

The London Coffee Festival is an annual celebration of all that is coffee, from the finest of beans to the most luxurious of coffee related gadgetry!

Our nation seems to have a growning obsession with the stuff and you may (or may not) be surprised to learn that we now have a UK Coffee week – for which the London Coffee Festival is the offical launch event.

Bearing this in mind, the team at Wicked Coatings HQ were interested to see what kind of things could be done to make a coffee machine, cooler than cool. We decided to work in conjunction with a top manufacturer of Italian espresso making equipment to produce a one of a kind machine to be displayed at this years festival.

With 30,488 visitors attending the show, we were keen for the coffee machine to really make an impact. Afterall, considering the number of people who enjoy a morning coffee, the aesthetics of the machinery that makes it should only add to the whole experience?

Following lengthy discussion, our hydrographics crack team in Poole came up with an incredible design that not only stole the show but attracted a crowd of coffee fanastics – desperate for some selfie action with the unique machine!

The final effect was created by using a pearl white base with sticker bomb water transfer printing. Our client was delighted with the customisation and the attention that it generated at the festival. Here’s what they had to say:

“We thought you would like to see some pictures of the machine that you customised the panels for. There is no question that the machine was the most pictured machine at the London Coffee Festival.

We went to the show on Saturday and there was a constant line of people just taking pictures and/or posing by the machine. We really loved the quality of the work done and appreciate that you pulled out all of the stops to make this happen in such tight time frames. I’m sure this will be leading to further work and new customisation ideas!”

front view of water transfer printing effect for coffee machine crowd taking picture of coffee machine customised with water transfer printing lady having picture taken with coffee machine people looking at coffee machine that has water transfer printing close up of water transfer printing effect on coffee machine coffee machine customised with water transfer printing


Success at the London Coffee Festival 2016

Often dubbed as “The Oscars of aircraft cabin design” – The Crystal Cabin Award is the only recognised International award for excellence in aircraft interior innovation.

This year will mark the 10th anniversary of this prestigious title and there has been an unusually high number of submissions with 78 unique ideas coming from 18 different countries across the world.  The 24 finalists will compete for this ultimate award in aircraft interiors at the Aircraft Interior Expo next month in Hamburg between 5th and 7th April.

The Crystal Cabin Awards are split across eight separate categories including “Visionary Concepts,” “Electronic Systems” and new for 2016, ” Cabin Concepts.”

Within each of these categories, expect to see some mind blowing technology and incredible vision. These finalists have a true understanding of what gaps still exist in the flight industry for further innovation and as such, they have brought their solutions to the table.

From Lufthansa Technik’s inductive hotplate that will allow fresh meals to be prepared in the galley to “jetlag-reducing” lighting moods that can be projected onto the ceiling of a cabin, courtesy of Diehl Aerospace – the aircraft interiors industry will yet again by moved forward by these dynamic finalists and their ground breaking ideas.

All of the finalists’ products and concepts will be presented in the Crystal  Cabin Award Gallery, on the upper floor at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hall B1, and the winners will personally present their concepts to the public on the 2nd day of the Expo at 12.30pm.

The Aircraft Interiors Expo is an incredible opportunity to witness some of the most imaginative innovation in the aircraft industry – not only from the finalists of the Crystal Cabin Awards but also the huge range of exhibitors at the show. The team at Wicked Coatings will be revealing some never seen before concepts for cabin coatings so be sure to visit us at stand 1A59.

Crystal Cabin Award for Excellence in Aircraft Interior Innovation

Event: Aircraft Interiors  Expo 2016
Venue: Hamburg, Germany
Our location: Stand 1A59
Date: 5-7th April 2016


Key players from the aircraft interiors industry will be exhibiting at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany between 5th and 7th April 2016.

As a specialist provider of custom coatings, Wicked Coatings will be showcasing some never seen before customisation options for cabin interiors and will be available throughout the day for consultation regarding specific projects. This one of a kind global event is a unique chance to meet face to face with leading aircraft interior suppliers and Wicked Coatings will be exhibiting alongside some of the most exciting names in cabin fit out solutions.

Coatings for Aircraft Cabin Interiors

Custom coatings for aircraft interiors have traditionally been rather restrictive with limited options coming from carbon fibre, wood grain and stone effect finishes.  As a result of recent innovation in this area, Wicked Coatings will now be changing the face of aircraft coatings with a new range of game-changing customisation options for the industry. From patterns of an abstract nature to entire new colour scheme options for commercial airlines – our specialist team will be on hand at the Aircraft Interior Expo to talk clients through a new world of coatings possibilities.

If you would like to discuss a specific project with the team, please email us here so that we can reserve you a dedicated slot of time on the day.  Alternatively, call us today on 01202 62258.  We will be very happy to discuss your requirements in detail and the necessary timescales involved. Wicked Coatings has an unrivaled reputation in the industry for excellent lead times, making us the ideal coatings partner when quick turnaround times are required!

Visit Wicked Coatings at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 5-7th April 2016


“There is a misconception that stainless steel doesn’t rust… but it can if the wrong medium is used during the blasting process.” Chris Hinks, Director at Wicked Coatings

Used prevalently across a wide range of sectors and particularly the food industry, stainless steel is a metal that comes in a variety of grades and finishes. When prepared and maintained correctly, stainless steel equipment should withstand the multitude of pressures placed upon it within a food manufacturing environment. However, simply choosing the right grade and assuming that it won’t rust is a costly misconception…

Expectations are high for this kind of equipment. Necessity dictates that it should be:

  • Easy to clean
  • Capable of withstanding extremes of heat and cold
  • Not susceptible to damage from repeat sterilisation
  • Compliant with specific food regulations

In order to meet these stringent demands –  firstly it is important that the correct grade of stainless steel is chosen for the equipment, but more critically, the optimum blast medium must also be used in order to eliminate the risk of corrosion.

At Wicked Coatings, we only use glass bead to blast stainless steel. This is because other options used in the industry such as steel or grit blast will leave fragments of the substrate behind on the surface of the component. When moisture reacts with this residue steel or grit, a process of corrosion will begin – first spot rust and then more invasive pitting rust that can result in costly repairs.

By using glass bead as a blasting medium, no fragments with the propensity to rust can possibly be left behind on the equipment – and therefore no chemical reaction will ever take place that can lead to corrosion.  Once a steel component has been glass bead blasted, our expert blasting team in Poole will then oil the surface to leave a matt finish. Our entire process is focused on prolonging the life of our customer’s stainless steel equipment by preventing the cross contamination of metals.

In larger blast projects, we will occasionally use an aluminium oxide grit which is non-ferrous and so doesn’t affect the stainless steel.

If you would like to know more about our expert blasting service in Poole, Dorset – or have a project that you would like to discuss, please call us on 01202 622258 or contact us here.



Avoid costly repairs by choosing the right blast medium for your stainless steel equipment

Strict deadline to hit? Call us today on 01202 622258.

Working with customers from initial concept through to design execution, our ISO:9001 team has extensive experience in cabin interior refits with a strong reputation for unbeatable lead times. Our highly acclaimed water transfer printing service is currently being utilised by market leading aviation companies to create a range of sophisticated finishes ranging from wood or granite to marble or carbon fibre.

The bar is constantly being raised when it comes to cabin interiors and the commercial airline industry is turning to companies such as us to provide high quality, durable custom coatings for a range of components such as:

  • Lounge areas
  • Bar units
  • Seat surrounds & consoles
  • Bulk heads

Our water transfer printing and custom painting service comes with excellent testing capabilities to satisfy all airworthiness standards including FAR 25 853.  Taking you from cabin to cockpit – our niche aircraft coatings service is trusted by leading industry manufacturers and aviation groups.

Call now on 01202 622258 to discuss your requirement or contact us for more information

Aircraft Interior Refurbishment

We have been working with the great team at Recreation Ltd on a number of projects for 2015 and have recently created a new coating solution for one of the star products from their range – the insanely fun Razor crazy cart!

With a sensational drive system that allows it to drive forward, sideways, diagonally and well – pretty much any direction you could wish to go – the  crazy cart is on another level when it comes to cool.  It goes without saying that a cool product needs a unique coating and we were happy to oblige when it came to creating an eye catching design for the new “Toxic” model.

The chaps at Recreation Ltd were very keen for us to produce an electric and crazy look for the latest cart and so we worked in-house to formulate a great “toxic green” industrial paint that could really stand out.

After painting the cart white and then stencilling on the necessary artwork, it was then finished in black to produce the sleek yet spectacular finish!

The original creator of the Razor crazy cart has since been over from the USA to admire the new design and was blown away by the colour scheme and ultimate effect. We think it looks pretty good too..

Recreation Ltd were kind enough to say a few words about their dealings with Wicked Coatings:

“Re Creation Ltd have now been working with Wicked coatings since November 2014 and we have carried out 3 projects with them.  The quality of the work and levels of service have been nothing short of SUPERB  and all the staff members from Reception to the Craftsmen have been a delight to speak to and work with as they are always polite, friendly and give good feedback from ideas and suggestions.  The three projects we have undertaken with Wicked Coatings have been carried out within the time frames promised and the finish has been well above expectation with our clients being amazed at how brilliantly the paint and hydro dipping has added to the impact of the product.

The TOXIC Cart went down a storm yesterday as it was ridden by the inventor Ali Kermani who had flown in from CA USA for a few marketing events and he was blown away by the finish and colour scheme, we also had Monster Energy present at this and they too were singing the cart design and finish praises! We are currently editing the video they recorded on it and will send to you once finished! We look forward to continuing this working relationship with Wicked Coatings and thank you all for the exceptional service you provide!”

If you work within the recreation sector and need an industrial coatings expert to take your project forward then please get in touch today or call us on 01202 622258.




Recent Projects September 2015

The latest addition to our industrial coatings operation in Poole is a new bead blast facility for the exclusive blasting of stainless steel.

Continued investment in our equipment comes as a result of further success in our industry sectors as we continue to secure new and exciting contracts for 2015. This high tech bead blast facility is now fully operational and the latest upgrade to the Wicked Coatings Industrial empire following the opening of a heavy industrial grit blasting bay and the arrival o f a 5 tonne forklift.

In order to focus on high volume production we have also extended our water transfer printing area and a third tank is currently being fitted. As an ISO:9001 accredited business with a firm commitment to quality, it is imperative that our facilities and equipment are of the highest standard.

We take quality and service very seriously at Wicked Coatings and have extensive experience in the Industrial Coatings sector across the following sectors:

Interior Design

As experts in the industrial coatings market we are delighted to work with manufacturers, designers, architects and many others – to produce outstanding results. Contact us today on 01202 622258 or get in touch online.




New Bead Blast Facility Now Operational

Following a successful company assessment and formal on-site audit, Wicked Coatings is now ISO:9001 accredited.

This formal recognition of our commitment to quality and standards is yet further proof that Wicked Coatings is a major player in the industrial coatings sector.

We are also delighted to announce a Silver award in the 2015 SCOOT headline business awards campaign, which placed Wicked Coatings as runners up in their category in the search for Britain’s most successful businesses.

In an industry where quality standards and approvals are key – these kind of reassurances are key when it comes to selecting the right service provider for your coating requirement. With ISO certification comes evidence that your supplier has undergone stringent testing to achieve accreditation.

Wicked Coatings is a company built on strong foundations, with flawless production management systems, 2 in house ICorr paint inspectors and experienced senior management team.

By working with us you will be ensuring that your industrial coatings project is in the hands of an expert – with the qualifications, accreditation and business accolade to prove it.

Call us today on 01202 622258 to discuss your coatings requirement or contact us here.

ISO:9001 Accreditation Further Strengthened By National Business Award

We were delighted to learn recently that Wicked Coatings has been nominated as one of the most successful businesses in Britain.

The Scoot Headline Awards is a prestigious campaign that has been designed to draw out and promote local, regional and National companies that are achieving great things in their respective markets.

Shortlisted in the top three of our business category,  we will shortly be heading to an awards ceremony in Covent Garden to discover whether this nomination will lead to either bronze, silver or gold glory. Irrespective of the result, this welcome accolade comes at a particularly exciting time for us, with imminent ISO:9001 accreditation and an ever increasing share in the industrial coatings market.

With coating systems that pass the most stringent of testing specifications, a reputation for exceptional quality management and exemplary customer service – we are incredibly proud of our business offering.

To be nominated as one of the most successful business in Britain is fantastic recognition of what we are achieving in the industrial and protective coatings sector. We care enormously about the quality and longevity of our coatings – the satisfaction of our customers is and will always be, of paramount importance.

We will be announcing the extent of our success at the Scoot Headline Business Awards following the ceremony in April and continue to be very grateful for the positive feedback that we receive from our customers.

Wicked Coatings Shortlisted For National Business Glory In 2015

When it comes to meeting the increasing demands of today’s consumer, visual impact plays an undeniable role.  It can define the character of a product or place and in many cases, significantly increase perceived value.

Based in Poole, Wicked Coatings has carved itself a niche in the custom coatings industry – helping manufacturers and designers to transform ordinary substrates such as wood, metal and plastic, into unique and eye catching items.

Operating in a 19,000 square foot facility, we have worked with a huge cross section of clients in a number of sectors including marine, medical, automotive, interior design, aerospace and more.  This professional outfit has a combined 30 years’ experience in the specialist coatings sector but is perhaps best known for expertise in a process called water transfer printing – also known as Hydrographics or dipping.

This decorative coatings technique involves applying incredibly realistic patterns such as wood grain, stone, carbon fibre or metal onto virtually any 3D substrate.  In a nutshell – the graphic is positioned on the surface of a tank of water and then sprayed with an activator to allow it to partially dissolve. Following professional preparation, the object to be customised is then expertly submerged into the water, allowing it to pass through the pattern and take on its new appearance!

For those wishing to save money in the manufacturing process, water transfer printing is the perfect way to achieve a durable yet expensive looking finish at an economical price. Clients in the marine and aerospace sector are particularly motivated by the considerable weight savings made by replicating a metal or stone finish on a fibre glass component.

Customers can either select their desired effect from a massive range of hydrographic films or work closely with Wicked Coatings to design a completely bespoke pattern which can then be manufactured for mass production application.

In the leisure sector, exciting progress has been made in the area of camouflage customisation – with particular demand for the highly sought after camo water transfer patterns by Realtree.  Wicked Coatings has been appointed as the leading licenced applicator and supplier of Realtree water transfer films and will work closely with manufacturers to advise on large scale production.

Setting water transfer printing aside, the decorative coatings industry is constantly evolving with new and innovative techniques.  The opportunity to experiment not only with colour but also a variety of incredible finishes and textures is something that Wicked Coatings has heralded a “game changer” – especially in the interior design sector.

The fascinating product range from Metalier Coatings is a fine example of what can now be achieved with decorative metal coatings.  Metalier will transform the look and feel of virtually any substrate using a variety of metal finishes such as copper, bronze, alumimum or iron.

Coatings can then be patinated, polished and waxed to fast forward the ageing process – creating rust on laminated wood or a weathered aluminium finish on plaster. From executive jet interiors to one off pieces of furniture, Metalier Coatings will allow designers and specifiers to explore a huge range of options as they strive to achieve aesthetic perfection at achievable cost.

We are firm believers in the  incredible versatility of this product range and Director Chris Hinks has commented:

“ This is a quick, durable and cost effective process that can greatly increase the perceived value of any project as well as significant weight savings when bronze can be substituted for MDF.”

So there you have it. The decorative coatings industry is a thriving hotbed of possibility for those with a surface finishing requirement – from large scale manufacturers to independent designers.  For high quality results it is always advisable to select a professional company known to be at the top of its game. When it comes to custom coatings for industry – Wicked Coatings is the name that should always come to mind.

The Incredible Versatility of Decorative Coatings

The industrial coatings industry demands expertise, efficiency and an unyielding approach to quality standards and approvals.

With stringent production management systems already in place and continued investment in our facilities and staff – the globally recognised ISO:9001 accreditation is an appropriate indication to clients of our ongoing commitment to quality.

ISO:9001 is specifically focussed on both the effectiveness and efficiency of a company’s quality management processes. This means that clients can have absolute confidence that Wicked Coatings will perform to the highest of standards in the following areas:

  • Surface preparation (blasting, de-greasing)
  • Painting (Corrosion prevention)
  • Inspection (Salt tests, surface profile tests)
  • Non-destructive and destructive testing on coatings
    Marine and offshore corrosion prevention inspection

Wicked Coatings has an exceptional track record when it comes to meeting the high expectations of the industry.  With ISO:9001 certification comes further proof that our internal procedures and systems are effectively managed with one thing in mind – the absolute satisfaction of our clients.

For the projects we undertake this means:

  • Exceptional quality and service
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Unrivalled planning and communication
  • Lean productivity

Working in a variety of industry sectors including interior design, marine, aerospace, military, automotive, medical and more – we are relentless in our approach to quality standards with further aerospace and environment approvals on the horizon for 2015.

The success of your product is our priority. Call us today on 01202 622258 to discuss your industrial coatings requirement or contact us online.

ISO:9001 accreditation confirms the quality of our processes

Extreme Fear
Crippling exhaustion.

Driving yourself to the limits physically – and mentally.

Forget about Tough Mudder, forget about the Hell runner, forget about Brutal 10. If you want to compete at the top of your game – if you want to strike the fear of god into your exhausted soul – then it’s Tough Guy that will put the hair on your nuts. It’s the original. And it’s still the best. And guess what – Wicked Coating is going full throttle at it on 1st February in Wolverhampton.  Because that’s how we roll!

With a work hard, play hard mentality – our solid team of six is ready to take on a smorgasbord of crazy challenges including over 200 obstacles designed to induce extreme fear and panic.

25 years on from its conception, this is still the toughest test of its kind anywhere in the World today. With a full accident and emergency unit on site, 4 ambulances, 8 defibrillators and an onsite doctor, be under no illusion – this is serious stuff with the potential for a lot to go wrong.

So the question is – will our 6 man strong team from Wicked Coatings be ready for the challenges that lie ahead…

Word has it that the chaps have been slowly building up their strength and endurance over the past few months. There has been some impressive abstinence from the traditional guilty pleasures of the festive period meaning that all six have emerged leaner, meaner and more determined than ever to compete.

Logging all exercise on a training APP called Run Keeper, the team is now in final preparations for the event as the 1st February draws ever closer. Early morning 10kms on the beach are being followed by massive protein intake and even a spot of meditation as mental preparation appears to be key!

Please join us in wishing the team all the best in this incredible event – we are very proud of you all.

The Wicked Coatings “Tough Guy” team, being led by the mighty Lyle Meikle, consists of:

Lyle Meikle
Stuart Braley
Chris Hinks
Ricky King
Tom Hicks
Steve Beale

Are you ready to be the absolute best you can be? It’s Tough Guy

Continued investment in facilities will always be a priority at Wicked Coatings.

Like many industrial organisations, the success of our business depends not only on the expertise of our team but also the machinery that we use to achieve our goals.

The latest addition to our modern suite of facilities is a Turbex degreasing tank which has recently been fitted in our metal division. This hugely functional machine will be well at home in its new heavy duty environment and is already rising to the challenge..

Performing a critical role in the preparation stage of the industrial coatings process, this machine will deliver exceptional cleaning results and ultimately enhance the end result of each industrial coatings project. Capable of accepting loads of up to 2,000Kg, the addition of this degreasing tank to our metal division will further cement Wicked Coatings as a leading provider of industrial coatings in the UK.

On 19th January we will be opening a brand new building to cater for the escalating demand for our  wood and composites division.  Discover more about this exciting new facility in next month’s newsletter!

With imminent ISO:9001 accreditation and an enviable management structure in place, clients can be assured that their project will be in the hands of an expert.

Call us now on 01202 622258 to discuss your industrial coatings requirement today or contact us now.

High end degreasing tank is latest addition to metal division facilities

Fast emerging as the UK’s leading provider of industrial coatings, Poole based Wicked Coatings provides high quality protective and decorative coatings for an almost limitless range of items – from industrial machinery to consumer goods.

Our Market Sectors:

Our specialist services encompass the whole process of industrial coatings from beginning to end. From critical advice at early prototype stage to fast and efficient mass production, the range of turnkey services includes:

A huge range of manufacturing, construction and fabrication companies rely on specialist surface finishing professionals to protect and enhance their product.

This is a demanding industry that is governed by quality standards and approvals.  As such, it is imperative that you select a professional and experienced industrial coatings provider, not only to ensure a high quality finish but to benefit from crucial advice that can help you save both time and money in the manufacturing process.

With imminent ISO:9001 accreditation, two in-house and fully qualified LCorr paint inspectors and exemplary quality management systems, clients can have complete confidence in the industrial coatings solutions that we offer.

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Industrial coating solutions for Industry

Wicked Coatings is an expert in the application of protective coatings for the industrial sector – combining expertise and precision with first class customer service.

Working to the exact specification and standards set by the client, we will draw upon years of experience to identify both cost and time saving opportunities in the coatings process, helping manufacturers to reduce operating costs and increase profit.

Typical projects include:

  • Wind farm components
  • Oil rigs and offshore projects
  • Power stations including nuclear
  • Vessel components
  • Construction equipment
  • Industrial valves
  • Water treatment compressors and components

Using a combination of blasting techniques and mediums to suit the individual substrate, our professional team will then apply a sequential layer of paint coatings, from primer to finish, in order to achieve the desired result.

With two Level 2 Icorr paint inspectors and one NACE inspector on-site, Wicked Coatings is perfectly placed to provide turnkey solutions for a vast range of industrial coating requirements providing protection against corrosion and many other impacting elements.

Our reputation in the industrial sector is underpinned by a unique understanding of the coatings industry, gained from experience with large-scale projects and demanding requirements.

  • Particle abrasion
  • Compressive forces
  • Extreme temperatures
  • High impact

Our reputation in the industrial sector is  underpinned by a unique understanding of the coatings industry, gained from experience with large-scale projects and demanding requirements.

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